There is no better testimony to C&M's expertise in door, frame, and hardware installations than the words of our valued customers themselves. The following excerpts reflect the relationship we strive to establish with each and every person we service:

"We have worked with C&M Door Controls for about 10 years and the main reason we work with them is because of the quality of their work.We know that when we use C&M Door Controls that the doors are going to fit and they are going to work."
Joe Pasquale
Solaris Health System
When I work with C&M they make it easy for me. I don't have to go out to each individual trade. I simply go to C&M and they handle the complete entranceway.They have great support staff and their field people are exceptional. They are professional and they show up on time prepared to get the job done."
Russell Abrecht
Circle-A Construction Co., Inc.
"When you need doors you call C&M. Their knowledge far surpasses any other company I have ever dealt with."
Doug Malcolm
McCann Acoustics & Construction, Inc.
"We used to deal with other door companies and had moderate success and didn't realize how moderate it was until we started to work with C&M. The quality of their products is outstanding and the quality of the service is exceptional."
Marty Kropp
Seton Hall University
"A solid company, very timely on all documents and submittals and timely on the delivery of the materials. They do this better than anybody else I have ever dealt with. Nothing bad I can say about these guys.Nothing can be 100% but with C&M Door it's close!"
Dominic Raso
Fourmen Construction
"Chris knows that we are not looking to cut costs - we know the value of working with the right products for the job. They steer me in the right direction.Whenever they install a job - it comes out perfect."
Arno Weber
Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds, Rumson Fairhaven Regional HS

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