Schools and Public Facilities

Do the doors and hardware in your school or facility stand up to daily use and abuse?
C&M Door Controls can furnish and install high-traffic units that make your job easier!

Schools and public facilities are truly the "Aberdeen Proving Grounds" for doors and hardware. There is no other application that receives the daily use and abuse that is found in these institutions. Physical plant and facility managers, locksmiths, maintenance crews, and building & grounds personnel are challenged each and every day with keeping pace with the problems older and improperly-specified units present.

C&M Door Controls can help!
Over 30 years of experience has brought us a thorough familiarity with the specific hardware requirements schools and public facilities demand. When we approach a project, we strive to maintain the architectural integrity of the building and bring it up to current standards by providing a simple and functional turnkey solution that stands up to the rigors of heavy usage. In most cases, our products and installations - whether it be hollow metal, aluminum, FRP - are so integrated with the building's aesthetics that the casual observer doesn't even realize that there are new products in place, as was the case with the original gym on Old Queens Campus of Rutgers University. In that project, most people just thought the existing doors were freshly painted!

As all public work over a certain dollar amount must be publicly bid, we are well versed in the process for this procedure, including the requirements for being fully insured and bonded. In many cases, we can recommend substitutions to a door and hardware schedule that will save your school board, local government or public facility money on unnecessary products.

We provide sales and installations of door and frame units that are:
  • ADA Compliant
  • Fire Code Compliant
  • Lock Down Capable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Efficient

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