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The myriad of door, frame, and hardware combinations available today is tough to keep up with if it's not what you do everyday. Hardware templating alone can be nerve racking if you haven't worked with that particular item before. Add to that a host of other problems that must be dealt with, including the need to shim doors and hinges for proper clearances, the application of weather-tight seals, and concealed hardware preparations, and a once profitable job can quickly turn into a nightmare.

C&M can turn your nightmare into a dream!
We have over 30 years experience working with contractors in the New Jersey and Metropolitan New York areas. Contractors trust us to handle the doors on a project so they can concentrate on what they do best. We handle the entire opening - from removal of existing (if necessary), to level and plumb frame installation, to hanging the door with the proper clearances, to installing the hardware and glass, to finish painting, to caulking, to sweeping it clean and handing over the keys. We also provide full service project management by handling the pricing, surveying, ordering and working with the end user.

Turn to C&M Door for expert specification and installation of:
  • FRP Doors and Frames
  • Architectural Aluminum Products
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Architectural Hardware

Also ask about our premium set-up service where we set up the installation for your crew with all components labeled and sequentially numbered! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Benefit from our experience.

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