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C&M has developed a special relationship with architects over the years because architects know our recommendations are based on real-world experience and situations. Our certified Architectural Hardware Consultants work with architects to be sure that the doorway they plan on installing or retrofitting will maintain the architectural integrity of the building design. C&M can offer architects design alternatives most appropriate to the client's needs. By keeping abreast of the latest door and hardware technologies and materials, we can recommend alternative materials and total opening systems to fit any design and budget.

C&M offers product lines ranging from basic functionality to high-end custom-built entranceways that harmonize with existing or new architecture. Our product lines include:
  • FRP Doors and Frames
  • Architectural Aluminum Products
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Wood Doors Architectural Hardware

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Benefit from our experience. Call us today at (732) 596-1900 to speak to an Architectural Hardware Consultant for a no obligation assessment of your building's door, frame, and hardware schedule.

Benefit from our experience.

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