C&M Door Controls - The Complete Entrance Solutions Specialists for New Jersey and Metropolitan New York

Are the doors in your facility sagging, binding, non-operative
or just unsightly?

If you answered, "yes" to the above question, you're not alone! In our more than 30 years of experience, we've seen it all too often: if the doors in a facility open, close, and lock in any capacity, they're barely even noticed. When a problem develops, however, it's a different story. Then, the doors and frames quickly jump to the top of the "Must Do" list.

Don't wait for problems to occur before you call!
We offer:
  • Replacement Doors (wood, steel, aluminum, FRP) & Entranceways
  • Transoms, Sidelights, and Borrowed Light Frames
  • Replacement and Hardware Upgrades
  • ADA Compliance Upgrades
  • UL-rated Fabrication Facility
  • Complete turn-key installation services
C&M Door is the most respected openings solutions specialists in the New Jersey and Metropolitan New York area. When you call us to come in for a no obligation site survey, we will look to identify potential problems. We’ll analyze your requirements with respect to your budget and aesthetic concerns, what material is best suited for the application, and the level of use and abuse the door will encounter. We’ll tell you what you can and can’t do with regard to ADA regulations and UL fire-rating requirements, both of which may affect opening size and hardware selection. And, after developing a bill-of-materials selected from the finest manufacturers in the door, frame, and hardware industry, we’ll professionally install the materials in either your retrofit or new construction environment.

Do what you do best... and let us handle the doors!

Benefit from our experience.
Call us today at (732) 596-1900 to arrange a no obligation site survey of your building. We’ll show you the best and most cost-effective means of solving your door, frame and hardware problems!

Serving all of New Jersey and Metropolitan New York